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Not In some faraway cube farm

Made In Milwaukee

Not In some faraway cube farm

Made In Milwaukee

Not In some faraway cube farm

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Small companies can look big

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Mobile-ready responsive website design for Milwaukee
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Exude Competence

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tier oneYou have a fledgling business which needs a lead-reinforcing online business card. Your budget is tight and you aren't technical.. So you want need something that will look great, make a strong first impression and require little or no maintenance. Basically we're talking about a beautiful but static brochure website with an advanced contact system. Some splash features such as an interactive front-page content slider and other animated elements are feasible within this price point, depending on whether the content exists or if we need to invent it.

The site will have two or three pages (sometimes even only one). We will work with you to create a unique look and feel, You will provide us with the content - logo, graphics, images and copy. The more production-ready your content, the lower your cost. If you expect us to professionally polish your content (or bake it from scratch), the higher your cost.

Our creative investment will be confined to the overall design of the site, and we will not be providing any strategic marketing or branding consultation. Basic organic SEO optimization is included. That means all pages will have Google-friendly titles and URLs. In-depth, platinum SEO packages will cost extra because of the added work. Basic mobile optimization is also included. That means the smartphone version will look like the desktop version, with no extensive and unique customization of the user experience.

Some other factors which can potentially increase the price:

• Will you be purchasing a domain?

• Will you expect us to create custom graphics, arrange photography or purchase stock images?

• Are there specific advanced interactive features you want to add?

• Do you want the website to develop leads instead of just reinforcing them?

• Will you want to go with bargain-basement shared hosting?

• Or do you need quality hosting with security features such as SSL certificate (highly recommended)?

Every job is individually quoted because every job is unique.

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