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Not In some faraway cube farm

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As a full-service micro agency, Javelin Communications offers clients comprehensive PR services. Use the media to maintain and build a positive image. Heighten your public profile through media mentions.

Press Releases

We have written hundreds. They are effective because we come from a media background and know the news business from the inside. It's one thing, however, to intrigue a reporter or editor. Nowadays press releases also have to speak directly and persuasively to customers and to the public.

Gone are the days when mass media was the only vehicle for press releases. Now they can be posted online on your own website and in digital media such as PR Wire. When press releases undergo proper SEO content optimization, they help you get found in Google and point back to your company site. The press release has evolved from a publicity tool to a traffic-building strategy on the Internet; and a critical component of your overall strategy to build awareness of your brand.

Story Placement

Again, we have successfully pitched many dozens of stories in the media over the past 20 years. How? We're able to walk in the shoes of reporters because we've been there ourselves. We understand their concept of what makes a good story. If you want to get mentioned in the media, provide the type of content that the media needs. Remember that the media runs away from overtly self-promotional pitches, preferring that you buy an ad.

Effectively seizing and packaging opportunities for story placement

When it comes to business news, the media engages audience attention by presenting content that's surprising, informative, provocative and colorful. Editors constantly look to "localize" big national stories. On behalf of our clients, we are opportunists.

Does your company illustrate a trend? Has your company solved a problem that's been getting a lot of attention? Do you illustrate a talked-about issue that demands creative solutions? Are you an example of a new phenomenon which has created buzz? Remember that the media is a business like any other. Attention is its product. Think in terms of how you can be a supportive business partner.

Media Relations

We also have extensive experience with crisis management and communications. Count on us for advice and counsel if you're experiencing negative media attention. We are also there for you as a company spokesperson. Media crises can be a stomach-churning whirlwind. Call Javelin Communications to help you weather the storm. Let us take the flak for you and minimize the long-term damage.

Press Conference Management

There's this all-too-common notion that if you hold a press conference, the media will show up; and a story will result. Quite the opposite. The media dislikes press conferences except when they relate to really big events and ongoing high-profile controversies. All talk and no action tilts against the media formula for attracting attention to the news product. And since everybody gets the news at the same time, lack of exclusivity devalues the story in the minds of newsroom management.

Still there are appropriate occasions for this venerable exercise. If you want to do it right, call Javelin. We'll design your event, including scripting and talking points, and professionally pitch it to the local media. Stand the best chance of leveraging coverage from your press conference.