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Reaching for the Holy Grail

The Power of Plus

Review after review of Google+ has missed the mark by light years. Folks can't wrap their minds around the reality that this isn't just a social media site. Comparisons to Facebook are almost beside the point.

Because Plus is nothing less than the Holy Grail of Internet marketing: social media integrated with a powerful online shopping and research destination. These synergies make it imperative that you get involved with Google+ if you're a business owner selling product and services online.

What Engagement in Google Plus Means For Your Search Engine Ranking

The power of Google Plus.Here's why. Smart, astute engagement with Plus helps you get found in Google searches. That's no accident. As Google often does when rolling out new products, it did this as a sweetener. Google+ posts get priority in Google's organic search results. By applying SEO best practices to your posts, it's possible to quickly create high-ranking intermediate links back to your business website. And these links, once established, are editable instantly in real time.

What's in a name? In this case, everything. The product name screams out that the social media site is an add-on to Google's world-dominating search engine. It could not be more elementary, my dear Watson. Yet pundit after pundit has swung and whiffed, thinking about Plus only as a place to socialize. Blind to its visionary potential as a business platform.

In the Pipeline: PPC Advertising

Reportedly, Google will soon debut pay-per-click advertising on Google+. Which doesn't wow me in and of itself, because I always question the wisdom of advertising on playgrounds. But, if I know this company, they will offer combo deals for ads that run on the search engine site and the social media site. I would bet that these combo ads earn prime placement in the all-important search engine. Just like the search engine already gives Google+ posts the red-carpet treatment.

That's a benefit Facebook can never offer, and LinkedIn can never offer, until they own or build a search engine rivaling the popularity of Google. Google simply has done a superior job of horizontal integration.  

I won't attempt in this post to itemize all the ins and outs of how to leverage Google+ to increase your site traffic and deliver new customers. That would take many pages and get into some pretty technical stuff. For example, you don't need to know the programming that inerts your Google+ profile photo into your Google search results as a thumbnail image. And how Google rewards you for doing that by giving the page a higher ranking.

What you need as a business owner is the big picture of what Google+ means for your company. It's one of the most important Internet marketing tools to ever roll out. Take care that your competitors don't catch on before you do.

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