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Loving Joomla For Web Design

Ten Reasons Why

Especially for Small Businesses

Ten reasons to love JoomlaLoving the Joomla CMS website building systemWhy do we love the Joomla content management system, especially for Milwaukee small business websites? Here are 10 reasons.

1. Joomla Is Free

That's because it's open-source Internet software, continually improved by a worldwide community of public-spirited software engineers. Being free to us, there's no charge to you, radically lowering the cost of website development. 

Websites Designed With Joomla: Amazingly Powerful And Easy to Customize

2. Joomla Is Trouble-Free

Maybe you've had a bad experience with a custom content management system that was installed on top of a custom website. That won't happen with Joomla. It's the most highly developed, least buggy website construction platform on the market.

3. Joomla Is Fast

The architecture of the system is remarkably intuitive. That means the developer can install the site chassis remarkably quickly. Along with whatever extra technology you want. Saving you money.

4. Joomla Is Supremely User-Friendly

Joomla websites can be readily managed by people with modest computer skills. You don't have to be a programmer. We prefer to hand over the keys and help you stand up and walk on your own.

5. Joomla Is Customizable

Your Joomla site can have a unique, one-of-a-kind look and feel. However, we recommend against "getting funky," unless you want your brand to be associated with funkiness. We like to use best practices in integrated branding whenever we build a new site.

6. Joomla Is Highly Extendable

Say you want to add a capability. E-commerce, for example. Simply select the software online, download it, upload it to the website, configure it to suit your needs and tastes . . . Done.

7. Joomla's Get-Found Totally Rocks

The core, out-of-the-box Joomla package contains sophisticated features to help you get found in Google and the other major search engines. You will already have a head start on SEO - search engine optimization. Then, easily add technology to take SEO through the roof. It is how you came to see the search engine link which clicked through to this page on our website.

8. Joomla Enables Unlimited Users

Say you want to assign management of different pages and different functions to different people. For example, you want to Sue to manage a team blog, and you want Tom, Dick and Sally to be able to write posts. OK. Maybe you want Claire to run the online store. Fine. Joomla might be free, but don't make the mistake of thinking it's a toy. This is incredibly powerful stuff.

9. Joomla Embraces E-Marketing

We can free you from Constant Contact with a better tool that's built right into your website and which you own forever.

10. Joomla Has Amazing Support

The Joomla Project maintains an encyclopedic website with an active user's forum. Through blogs and other Internet forums, it's easy to ramp up your know-how online. You will encounter a large community of people dedicated to supporting each other.

There are other options in an open-source content management system for building new websites. But Joomla is the one that's been around longest and is the most maturely developed. You are on a Joomla website right now. So, what do think?

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